Step 1 – Go to your Customer Portal and click on any of the following categories: Shopping Discounts,

 Dining & Food, Movies, Entertainment & Recreation, Hotel and Travel.

Step 2 – Click on the ACTIVATE button for each category. A "SAVINGS SUPERSTORE" button will appear.


Step 3 Click on the SAVINGS SUPERSTORE button for any of the six categories.


Step 4 Savings will appear after you click SAVINGS SUPERSTORE.


Step 5 – Scroll down to the bottom left corner of the webpage and click on

Got Mobile? Get the App now!


Step 6 Get the App! My Deals!



 Get and Install the FREE app for your iOS or Android powered device.

 Open the "My Deals" app from the app menu on your device.

 Enter your Mobile Password: Create a new password for your "My Deals" mobile app.

 Start saving at the touch of the screen... simply show the mobile coupon at checkout for any offer at participating locations to redeem.

The app is free to download but requires a valid membership. As a member of Secure Shopper, you are authorized to use this app.

For technical help, please call us at 1-877-589-0870.





 When you activate our savings superstore, you will see all of the categories of savings you will receive including: Automotive, Dining and Food, Entertainment and Recreation, Hotel, Movies, Shopping and Grocery Coupons.


 Click on the savings category and select the deal you would like to redeem.