Step 1Go to your Customer Portal and click on the following categories: Shopping Discounts, Dining & Food,

 Movies, Entertainment & Recreation, Hotel and Travel.

Step 2 – Click on the ACTIVATE button for each category. A "SAVINGS SUPERSTORE" button will appear.


Step 3 Click on the SAVINGS SUPERSTORE button for each category.


Step 4 Savings will appear after you click SAVINGS SUPERSTORE.



 When you activate our savings superstore, you will see all of the categories of savings you will receive including: 

Automotive, Dining and Food, Entertainment and Recreation, Hotel, Movies, Shopping and Grocery Coupons.


 Click on the savings category and select the deal you would like to redeem.


Either print the savings certificate to bring to the hotel or show the hotel the certificate from your mobile device. In some cases you may also make the purchase online.