To install Password Boss on your Android phone or tablet, follow the steps below.

  • Go to Password Protection in your Member Portal and click on ACTIVATE, and
  •  A “Download” button for Windows, AppleApp Store and Google Play will appear.
  •  Click the appropriate button for your device and follow the steps for installing.
  • Download the app - It’s free to download and install.
  • When the Password Boss app finishes installing, the Set-Up Wizard will walk you through setting up your account or signing into your existing account.


Sign In - If you already have a Password Boss account – click this link to for “How do I register a new device for Password Boss?


To Create a New Account - tap the the “Or, create account” link to bring up the Create account screen.


Enter your “Email” address and choose a “Master Password” and tap “Create Account”.


Your “Master Password” is your key to unlocking all of the data you have stored in Password Boss.  Choose a strong password that you will not forget.  If you lose your Master Password, Password Boss cannot recover or reset it. 

Note:  The “Master Password” must be at least eight characters long and contain at least one each of all of the following: lowercase letters, uppercase letters, symbols, and numbers.


 Tap “Ok”  on the Master Password Info Screen.

 Reconfirm your “Master Password” by entering it once again and then tap “Next”.


 Enter in an easy PIN for quicker logins and tap “Set PIN”.


Click “Get started” and the Password Boss application will open. Your account is setup and now you are ready to use Password Boss!