If you already have a Password Boss account – click this link to for “How do I register a new device for Password Boss?”

To install Password Boss on your PC, follow the steps below.

   • Go to Password Protection in your Member Portal and click on ACTIVATE and then click the “Install” button to start the install.


   •  When the Installation process completes, click “Finish” 


    o The create account screen will open up (if it does not, go to "Start > Programs > Password Boss" to create your account.

    o Select a language and click “NextYou can change your language later within the application “Settings”.



   • Click the “Or, create account” link to bring up the Create account screen.


        o To create your account, enter your “Email” address and choose a “Master Password”.

        o Your “Master Password” is your key to unlocking all of the data you have stored in Password Boss.  Choose a strong 

                     password that you will not forget.  If you lose your Master Password, Password Boss cannot recover or reset it. 

 Note:  The “Master Password” must be at least eight characters long and contain at least one each of all of the following: lowercase 

                     letters, uppercase letters, symbols, and numbers.

       o Click “Create account”.

       o Click "Ok".

       o Reconfirm your “Master Password” by entering it once again and then click “Next”.

       o Click “Get Started” to finish the setup. The Password Boss application will open and your account will be setup. 

 You are ready to start using Password Boss.