We have a very sophisticated server selection algorithm that takes the current server load and your distance from the server into account, and automatically assigns you to the server that will provide the best service.

However, you can override the automatic server selection if you wish to connect to any other server location in our network. Please find below instructions on how to manually change servers.

1 - Open the PRIVATE WiFi App and Tap on Menu in the upper left corner.

2 - Select Server Location from the menu. In the Server Location screen, you will see your

     current Server Location.

3 - From the Server List choose another server. A Confirm Location Window will pop up. Tap

     on the blue Confirm button. You will be redirected to the Home Page of the App.

4 - Tap on Activate Encryption.

An Activating pop up window will appear, showing you the newly selected servers. Once connected a VPN icon will appear in your taskbar.