Guard Street ID has people with a real world understanding of what identity theft is and how to minimize its impact on members. Only 1 in 10 identity theft victims were aware that their personal information had been stolen before discovering that they were ID theft victims. By monitoring thousands of databases and billions of records, Guard Street ID is typically able to catch a potential fraudulent activity in its beginning stages.

Databases monitored include:

• Credit bureau information

• Financial institutions

• Cell phone records

• White and yellow pages

• Thousands of others

We use common information including your name, address and phone number to create a data profile that compares your information with our databases. The Guard Street ID system uses proprietary algorithms to look for any unusual or suspicious activity that is different from your profile and could indicate compromises to your identity.

Alerts By Phone

If we find any suspicious activity, we will personally call you using your primary alert phone number.

“ALL CLEAR” Email Messages

 If we don’t find any suspicious activity, we will send you an “all clear” email notifying you that we have not discovered any suspicious activity in the past 30 days.

How it works

Sign into Guard Street ID, access the “Personal Information center” and go to the “My Profile” page to update your phone number and email address.